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Mega Man 2 Mega Man 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Your Mega Man is adorable! zomg! I love him! xD

Your image as a whole is well done. My biggest suggestion is to try not to use black for shadows. Find another color as close to black as you can without it being black. Think of it this way, if something is black it means there is no light there and if there is no light you can't see it. We as an audience want to see everything as much as possible. Also not using black brightens the image and gives it life. Try it next time!

Still love your Mega Man! guwaaah!

ShaquilleSaddler responds:

Thanks! I actually was looking at this for a while and trying to figure out what looked weird and that was it. The weird thing is I know that black rule, oh well, ill definitely keep it in mind next time.

History in Bedlam History in Bedlam

Rated 5 / 5 stars

At a total graphic stand point this would make one hell of a tattoo. Hell I could even see it being pretty sweet ass graffiti art. I love it.

If you actually wanting to paint though I'd really recommend doing material studies

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RummyNG responds:

Do you have any recommended learning sources?

Epic Santa - December 25, 2025 Epic Santa - December 25, 2025

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

If this is with a bum wrist color me impressed.

This is more just plain curiosity but if the date of this story is Dec 24th 2075 and it's the 50th anniversary of the defeat of Krumpus... why at the time of the taking of this photo (our future 12/24/2025) have we gone back to black and white Polaroid photography? xD

Still really cool and do wish the best both in the contest and wrist recovery!4

mlillustration responds:

hahaha Thank you. Yeah, weirdly enough, I wrestled with that whole camera bit as well. I was originally going for a poloroid type of camera, but then I remembered that I didn't have a square :P

And thanks for the well wishes. Good luck on the competition as well.